Agronomics (BA)

1800 Euro

The specialist is intended mainly to work at agricultural enterprises – agricultural production cooperatives, enterprises for the procurement and processing of crop products, regardless of ownership; in research organizations, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, lyceums and colleges of agricultural profile; in the departments of agronomy of the administrative bodies of the district, regional and republican levels, serving the agro-industrial complex.


Language: Russian
Qualification: Bachelor, agronomist
School: Grodno State Agrarian University
Location: Grodno, Belarus
Duration: 4 years
Mode of study: full-time studies

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Main areas of professional activity:

  • ensuring the production and technological activities of agricultural enterprises for the production of crop products;
  • organization of production processes for the cultivation of crops, processing and storage of crop products;
  • carrying out scientific and experimental work in agronomy.

During the period of study at the university in the specialty “Agronomy”, the working curriculum provides for the study of the following special disciplines:

phytopathology; entomology; chemical protection of plants; agriculture; crop production; selection and seed production of agricultural crops; fodder production; vegetable growing; fruit growing; agrochemistry; technology of storage and standardization of crop products; agrometeorology; land management; biotechnology in crop production; integrated plant protection; technology of cultivation of agricultural crops on reclaimed lands.