Flight operation (CPL) of civil aviation aircraft (BA)

3330 Euro

A graduate of this program is prepared to perform the following main professional functions: operation of aircraft, engines and on-board systems during the preparation and performance of flights, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documents; operation of aviation infrastructure facilities in accordance with the requirements of air legislation, aviation rules and regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Belarus; determination of the operability of installed, operated and repaired equipment, adjustment and maintenance of hardware and software; ensuring the safety of aircraft flights and aviation security.


Language: Russian
Qualification: Bachelor, engineer — pilot, specialist in the flight operation (CPL) of civil aircraft
Location: Minsk, Belarus
School: Belarusian State Academy of Aviation
Duration: 4 years 5 months
Mode of study: full-time studies

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The total tuition fees is 80,000$. The tuition fees payment order:

  • first year of study — 3,900$;
  • second year of study — 22,800$;
  • third year of study — 22,800$;
  • fourth year of study — 30,500$.