Veterinary medicine (BA)

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The area of ​​professional interests of a veterinary medicine doctor includes:

  • Organization and implementation of anti-epizootic (preventive and forced) measures.
  • Carrying out diagnostic, veterinary and sanitary, therapeutic, preventive, organizational measures at the objects of professional activity.
  • Promotion of veterinary knowledge among the population.
  • Development and production of biological preparations for veterinary medicine.
  • Training of personnel of a veterinary profile.

Language: Russian
Qualification: Bachelor, veterinary medicine surgeon
School: Grodno State Agrarian University
Location: Grodno, Belarus
Duration: 5 years
Mode of study: full-time studies

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The main directions of the faculty are:

  • Management of livestock production in agricultural enterprises.
  • Administrative management of agricultural production at the level of veterinary stations and enterprises.
  • Agricultural production consulting.
  • Organization and implementation of work on the quarantine of animals.
  • Work in educational and research institutions.