Zootechnics (BA)

1800 Euro

You will live:

  • in a well-maintained block-type hostel for the entire period of study.

You will receive:

  • a scholarship for the entire period of study according to academic performance;
  • nominal scholarships (of the President of the Republic of Belarus, named after A.I. Dubko, etc.)

You will have the opportunity:

  • free receipt of a driver’s license category “B”;
  • passing industrial practice abroad (Germany, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, etc.);
  • Continuation of studies in the magistracy of the university.

Language: Russian
Qualification: Bachelor, zooengineer
School: Grodno State Agrarian University
Location: Grodno, Belarus
Duration: 4 years
Mode of study: full-time studies

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After graduation, you can work:

At enterprises for the production and processing of agricultural products:

  • SPK (agricultural production cooperatives);
  • industrial complexes with full automation of the produced processes;
  • meat-milk-processing enterprises (meat-packing plants, city-dairy plants, workshops for processing livestock products);
  • storage bases for raw materials and finished products;
  • firms, associations, concerns, holdings producing, processing and trading agricultural products;
  • scientific and practical centers and educational institutions;
  • district, regional and republican government bodies.